The attached quote is subject to the terms and conditions set out below;

In these Terms and Conditions ‘ Jconcepts’, ‘Our’, ‘We’ and ‘Us’ refers to Jconcepts Pty Ltd ABN 130868245 and ACN 130868245. ‘Customer’, ‘You’ and ‘Your’ refers to the person or organization who’s name is specified in the ‘Quote’. Your installation refers to the items and services detailed in the ‘Quote’. The ‘Agreement’ between ‘You’ and ‘Us’ for the supply, installation and purchase of the requested flooring is set out in these terms and conditions and requires the entire understanding between the parties.

Acceptance of Quotation, Order & contract;

  1. The quotation is valid for 28 days commencing from the date of sending and is subject to re-confirmation and re-pricing.
  2. Any alteration to the quote will require a review of the price. All quotes are subject to a final check measure on site.
  3. The customer named is authorized to place the order at the premises nominated for work, is the person contracting into the arrangement and responsible for payment (unless prior agreed otherwise)
  4. A customer is deemed to accepted this quotation, its specifications and conditions if he/ she signs the order, or confirms via telephone or email it then becomes a contract.
  5. A customer is deemed to have accepted this quotation’s specifications solely as the result of the information provided in writing and own judgement.

Preparation Requirements;

  1. The customer is responsible for protecting the premises from dust, removing breakables and making good the premises for work prior to the tradesmen arriving. Any wiring or other installations below 1 meter of the floor level shall be secured above that height.
  2. The customer acknowledges that floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl and carpet backing, staples, nails and glue together with furniture, fixtures and appliances will be removed at customers cost unless otherwise quoted separately, this includes the waste created from the timber installation if the product is supplied by the customer. The dust collected from the sand and polish will not be taken from site in line with occupational health and safety requirements.
  3. Permanent power supply running tap water and toilet facilities shall be provide prior to tradesmen commencing work.

Process and Limitations;

  1. The sanding operation’s objective is to smooth the floor surface. Existing deep scratches, holes, timber imperfections, termite channels, prior contaminations, stains may remain after the work is complete, the quality of the finish may be affected or vary accordingly.
  2. Due to the character of the work, some damage may occur in the lower sections in the area of skirting boards, balcony windows, kick boards and other. It is the customers responsibility to remove or protect them.
  3. Jconcepts Pty Ltd will take no responsibility for any rejections in the applies finish caused by contaminants on or in the timber of an old floor.
  4. The customer shall allow coating sufficient time and ventilation to dry before being walked on.
  5. The completion time is an indication of intent only. Jconcepts Pty Ltd will not be responsible for delays beyond their control. It is the customer’s responsibility to make provision in the case of delay, for any other arrangements, including accommodation elsewhere if required.
  6. In the event that the guarantee or rectification work is performed by Jconcepts Pty Ltd the customer will prepare the premises in the same way as the original work. Jconcepts Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any additional costs associated with this other than the rectification procedure
  7. The work does not include areas such as steps, storage spaces, wardrobes, cupboards and does not include cleaning premises unless arranged prior and specified in the quote.
  8. The quote does not include any concrete leveling or joist leveling unless specifically detailed in the quote. This will be payable in addition to the quoted amount.
  9. The quote does not include work on skirting boards, quads, joint caulking and carpet strips unless specifically detailed in the quote. This will be payable in addition to the quoted amount.


  1. All materials, finishes or applications are guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty directly to the customer on their stated terms. Jconcepts Pty Ltd is not a party to this.
  2. Jconcepts Pty Ltd will not responsible for damage caused to the floor by wear and tear.
  3. Jconcepts Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for damage caused to the floor by atmospheric or fibrous dust that may interfere with the coating or surfaces.
  4. Some finishes, mainly solvent based polyurethanes may have a gluing effect on the timber and could cause timber flooring defects. The application of these finishes are at the customers risk.
  5. It is the customer’s responsibility to clean and maintain the floor in accordance with the finish manufacturer’s printed instructions. Jconcepts Pty Ltd will not be responsible for moisture, chemical, mechanical or movements liable to scratch, dent or destroy the flooring or surface.
  6. A 3 year warranty will apply directly with Jconcepts Pty Ltd for workmanship

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Payment Terms and Conditions;

  1. Your timber must be paid in full before delivery if your quote includes the supply of timber.
  2. Installation services are payable once they are complete and before any sanding works commence.
  3. Full payment is required within 14 days of receiving an invoice.
  4. If payment is not received within 14 days the customer shall be liable to pay Jconcepts Pty Ltd interest at 25% per annum, compounded and all additional costs associated with the default or refusal to pay amount in full.
  5. The amount specified alongside the term “TOTAL” excludes any optional or extra amounts
  6. Additional preparation work if required ill be charged at the discretion of Jconcepts Pty Ltd

ABN 91130868245
ACN 130868245